Yamuna Body Rolling 


What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

YBR (Yamuna Body Rolling) was developed by Yamuna Zake as a tool to help people to begin to heal themselves.  The balls are designed to be used at home, the office, or while traveling and allow you to learn the in’s and out’s of your body’s habits and structural patterns.    


Most people might immediately compare YBR to foam rolling or other ball products, but it’s technique and purpose is very different.  YBR’s main theory is that the body is designed in a logical way, and therefore must be approached in a logical order to help it release and realign.  This practice also emphasizes direct bone stimulation, which creates better alignment through our joints, and releases impact from the bone so our bodies are better able to absorb and transfer force.  Each routine starts and ends in a very specific place and rolls in a specific direction to get the greatest benefit.  By stimulating our bones and “rolling” our muscles out in this way we are reminding the body of it’s optimal alignment and allowing our muscles to then release and then function to support that alignment.  






Some of the benefits of YBR include:

  • Increased muscle length and tone
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved alignment
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased body awareness
  • Improved core strength and awareness
  • Direct bone stimulation
  • Pain reduction
  • More functional movement patterns

How do you practice YBR?

The balls are placed at specific bony landmarks to first stimulate the origin of the muscle.  The ball is then we roll the ball in the logical direction of the muscle, through the tendon towards it’s insertion point.  Pressure is applied to the ball to help lengthen the muscle, allowing it to return to it’s natural length.  

Who can practice Yamuna?

Anyone!  Body rolling is safe and effective for all ages and body types, with lots of modification to accommodate injuries, surgeries or pregnancy.  

What does it feel like?

Yamuna Body Rolling is a lot like getting a massage!  Certain areas of the body will open up and release with ease, while other tight, or restricted areas may resist.  Areas like the IT band or quadriceps can be tender as you roll through them, and if you've used a form roller before the sensations can be similar, although the balls are much softer and smaller and allow us to sink further into the muscle and bone igniting a deeper release. 

Do I need special props?

YBR uses special balls that were specifically designed for this technique.  Because of this it is not appropriate to use any other type of ball which can result in injury .  Balls are available for sale at the studio for continued home use. 

What to Wear:

Because of the way the balls are rolled around the body baggy clothing can get caught easily, so please wear form fitting tights, leggings and shirts.  


Click here to see the monthly schedule of YBR workshops.  Each month we'll focus on a different part of the body for more in-depth exploration of the area.  

Yamuna Foot Fitness:

Yamuna Foot Fitness is done using small, knobby domes called foot wakers to stretch and strengthen the foot.  We look to correct foot, ankle and walking patters by realigning the bones and strengthening the muscles or the toes, foot, ankle and lower leg.  This work is excellent for many foot conditions including plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe and neuromas.   Many times pain or discomfort found else where in the body can be traced back to a disfunction found in the foot.  By releasing and retaining the ankles and feet we can teach the lower body to provide the support we need to keep walking, running, skiing and enjoying life!