Yamuna body rolling class schedule


Mondays at 9:15 - 10:30am ~ 75min Weekly Class

2nd Saturday of the Month 10am - 12pm ~ 2 hr Focused Workshop


January 13th - Intro to YBR/Full Body roll

Start the new year off on a roll! Come experience how Yamuna Body Rolling can relieve stress and tension, create space and awaken your body.  If you've never experienced YBR before or if you're just looking to unwind and connect to your body then this is the class for you,!   

February 24th(4th Saturday) - Winter Sport Support - Ankles/knees/legs

Looking at how YBR can reeducate and realign the bones and muscles of the lower exterminates to help you stay better conditioned with your winter skiing.  

march 10th - Hips & Pelvis

The pelvis is home to our powerhouse and translates force and movement throughout the body.  In this class we'll spend time working through all the muscles of the deep hip and pelvis which can affect function in the legs, torso and up the spine. 

April 14th - Core & Interal organs

Our core can hold a lot of tension and stuck movement patterns which can affect the health and function of our internal organs.   This class will focus on rolling through the abdominal and spinal muscles to help bring greater strength and movement to the body while also looking to stimulate and create more space through the organs of the torso.   *Not appropriate for those who are pregnant or recovering from recent abdominal surgery. 

May 12th - Shoulders & Neck

Everyone holds tension and stress through the upper body.  Using the Yamuna Balls we'll soften and lengthen areas of constriction, while creating space and more freedom through the shoulder joint and neck. 

June 9th - Spinal health: Twists & Scoliosis

Everyone holds rotations and imbalances throughout the body whether scoliosis is present or not.  This workshop will look to unwind those patterns and help free restrictions through breath and awareness. 


$16 Drop-in, or $70 - 5 Punch Card for 1 hr class.  Pilates Durango members can use your current mat package for the Monday class.  $30 for Saturday Workshops.  $45 for Full Body Class (when scheduled).  Space is limited, please reserve your spot on Mindbody.

Contact Marisa for more info: