Privates are a great way to get the individual attention needed to address your fitness and wellness goals in a way that is safe and tailor-made for you.   If you are new to Pilates, we recommend taking a series of 3 privates so we can assess your personal goals and help you find modifications and specific exercise that can help you in class and at home.   Even if you've been doing Pilates for years adding a private into your schedule every once in awhile is a great way to check in with your progress and adjust any workout guild lines.

Have a friend or two who is also interested in Pilates?  A duet and trio session is a cost-effective way to get the same personal workout with the instructor there to answer questions and provide feed-back to help you reach your fitness goals.

Privates, duets and trios are available Monday through Saturday by appointment with Rhonda, Marisa or Claire, please email or call for further information and scheduling.