paddleboard pilates


Paddleboard pilates at haviland lake


Val Russell and Pilates Durango are bringing the studio to
Haviland Lake this August. Enjoy your Pilates mat session
while floating on water! Sound impossible? It’s not with the
stand up paddleboard. Truly the closest thing to walking on
water, with Paddleboard Pilates you’ll find that you reach
your goals more quickly because of the extra core-challenge
the unstable paddleboard offers. In addition to the Pilates
movements and paddling work on the board, we will begin
each class with a brief warm-up and paddling tutorial on
land to get the body prepared to get on the board. This will
be FUN FUN FUN, and a great way to beat the heat. Want
to organize your own session for family, summer vistiors, or
adventure group. Or for one on one sessions.  

Click here to reserve your spot for these fun classes! or call Val , 901-826- 5709


Saturday August 19th -   10am - 11:30am

Wednesday August August 23rd  - 10am - 11:30am

Wednesday August 30th  - 10am - 11:30am

Please reserve your spot HERE and Val will email you details on what to bring and where to meet.