Upcoming Workshops & Events 


Yamuna Body Rolling

Center Focus    

Saturday October 13th



This month we’ll look to create more space and function through our center. Using the small Yamuna balls we’ll roll through the abdominals, stimulate the internal organs and lengthening the spine. Sign up online! 

Rock Arm Balance.jpg

Creating A Yoga Therapy Home Practice

with Barbara Metzdorff

Saturday October 27th

2pm - 4pm


In this workshop you’ll learn a series of Yoga Therapy asana designed specifically for those attending the class that can be used as a home practice or to enhance any athletic practice.  Each participant will return a completed Yoga Therapy Intake Form from which the home practice will be created.  This workshop is designed as both an experiential learning process and an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of how specific asanas can be beneficial.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.  Please, bring a pen/pencil.  Yoga Therapy Home Practice Asana sheets will be provided.